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Expert Training & Coaching Services

Learning solutions for business without borders

Cathy Wellings wearing a blue shirt and standing in a garden


I'm Cathy: a facilitator, trainer and coach.

I've spent my career helping people to communicate more successfully in the workplace, whether with virtual contacts, across the office, within their team or around the globe.

With over 25 years' international experience, I can help you and your teams to thrive in today's hybrid and global workplace. 

How can I help you?

If you're looking for engaging training and coaching to maximise your effectiveness in the hybrid, virtual or global workplace,

I provide services across three key areas.


Intercultural training

Intercultural training enables you to minimise the challenges and maximise the benefits of working internationally.  I can help you and your team to strengthen andadapt your approach, enabling more positive collaboration in unfamiliar contexts.


Team facilitation

Stronger relationships, better communication and deeper levels of trust are proven to have a positive impact on team performance and productivity. Let's talk about creating a workshop or starting your Insights Discovery journey to support your team's development.


Executive coaching

Executive coaching provides a pause in a world of rapid action to allow you to step back, review decisions, process and most importantly to refocus. Sometimes you need to stop, in order to move forward and thrive in your professional life.

Client feedback


Let's talk today

Deep understanding of the subject

Cathy knows a great deal about training both from her personal experience and from managing many freelance consultants over the years. Her honesty, determination and curiosity ensure an excellent conversation. 

Bill Reed

Senior Associate


Successful courses



Many thanks for your support with our staff development courses so far this year - it has been a real success.  Your approach and input have been a major part of that success, so thanks again!

Matthew MacLachlan

Learning & Development Manager

University of Surrey

Interactive & fun


I have worked closely with Cathy for several years in her capacity as a cross-cultural trainer providing a unique workshop on ‘Understanding the British Mindset’.  Cathy’s sessions are interactive and fun and I have had extremely positive delegate feedback.

Sharon Hewitt


Chiltern Relocation

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