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Have you ever considered why you collaborate better with some colleagues than others?

Insights Discovery is designed to help us to understand ourselves, connect better with others and maximise our workplace relationships. It is a psychometric tool based on Carl Jung's psychological preferences and enables us to explore what drives our behaviours and to solve real business problems.


Why Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery uses a simple, memorable four colour energy model to help develop:

  • Personal Effectiveness: gain greater self-awareness and understand how you are seen by others

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: recognise how to connect and communicate more effectively with people with different styles and preferences

  • Team Effectiveness: agree how to leverage strengths across your team for improved performance

Insights four colour model - a circle with four colour quadrants fiery red, sunshine yellow, earth green, cool blue

Who can benefit?

  • Individuals who would like to develop their interpersonal skills and build deeper professional relationships.

  • Leaders who want to see themselves more clearly.

  • Newly formed teams who need to understand each other's strengths and preferences, and create a shared way of working.

  • Organisations that would like to improve employee engagement and collaboration.

How does it work?

You start with the simple Insights Evaluator questionnaire that generates your unique and in-depth Insights Discovery Profile.

This is a springboard to a host of learning experiences - from individual feedback and coaching sessions to group workshops, either in person or online.  We can tackle challenges such as effective communication, team culture, interpersonal effectiveness and leadership and management styles.

The real breakthrough will happen when you take your Insights profile back to your team and organisation. When people communicate clearly and respectfully, when everyone is working towards the same goals, and when you have built an inclusive, results-driven culture, you'll appreciate the value of investing in Insights Discovery.

Insights Discovery Blocks and Cards_c.jpeg

If you'd like to book a workshop, organise some coaching or find out more about how Insights Discovery can benefit your team or organisation please contact me.

Start your Discovery Insights journey today

Insights Discovery

Fascinating insights

Working with Cathy has always been a pleasure. The insights she has brought have always been fascinating - not just for our clients but also for our teams. And all delivered in a very engaging and empathetic way.

Hauke Tallon


 The London School of English

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