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Here are the ways I can support you and your team, always customised to your needs and available online or in person.  Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.

Intercultural training

Culture affects our values, behaviours and relationships. Working in diverse teams or across borders brings many benefits and rewards but can also create challenges in terms of differing expectations, working practices and communication styles.

If you are relocating overseas, part of a multicultural team, work with international clients, manage a global supply chain or collaborate with overseas partners, I can help you and your team to adapt and respond appropriately to global business challenges. 

Intercultural training can help you minimise any challenges and maximise the many benefits that cultural diversity can bring to your organisation. 

Business Brainstorming

Team facilitation

Teams are working with fewer resources, and with face-to-face connection no longer the norm in many organisations, communication, productivity, engagement and well-being can suffer. Why not bring your team together to get to know each other at a deeper level, understand alternative perspectives, agree on new protocols and work through any  challenges?


Stronger relationships, better communication and deeper levels of trust are proven to have a positive impact on team performance and productivity. Talk to me about how I can tailor a team workshop or Insights Discovery journey to enhance your team dynamics and improve how you work together.

Executive coaching

Coaching will give you a safe space to uncover issues and blockages that may be holding you back, to build on your strengths and to help you set yourself realistic goals to achieve your potential.


Executive coaching provides a pause in a world of rapid action to allow you to step back, explore alternative perspectives, process and to re-focus. Sometimes you need to slow down in order to move forward. 


Together we can explore your values, your objectives and the changes you can make to help you to thrive in your professional life.

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