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Intercultural good reads

Row of books about culture including The Culture Map and Bridge the Culture Gaps

Here are some of my recommendations to help you develop your cultural intelligence. Many, many books have been published, some theoretical, some practical, some focused on specific geographies, others on global skills, some that bring in other fields. I have selected just a few that have resonated with me a long the way.

Happy reading!

The Culture Map front cover

The Culture Map by Erin Meyer Full of practical insight and real life examples, The Culture Map provides an 8 scale framework for identifying and managing differences in the workplace across culture - from decision making to influencing, disagreeing and giving feedback.

Bridge the Culture Gaps front cover

​Bridge the Culture Gaps by Robert Gibson This is a practical guide to navigating the global workplace or any multicultural environment, combining intercultural, diversity and leadership frameworks. It also includes exercises which can be used as personal reflection, with teams or in training programmes.

The Art of Coming Home by Craig Storti We don't always realise that coming home from overseas can be as challenging if not more so than moving away. Craig Storti provides expert practical and emotional advice on how to prepare and manage the re-entry process.

The intercultural mind front cover

The Intercultural Mind by Jospeh Shaules Exploring insights from psychology and neuroscience, Joseph Shaules shows how our thinking is influenced by our cultural make-up and how our minds are influenced by intercultural experience. He shares new perspectives on culture shock and what it means to develop a global mindset.

Book cover Riding the Waves of Culture

Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business by Charles Hampden-Turner & Fons Trompenaars Renowned intercultural management experts, Hampden-Turner and Trompenaars, have recently updated this seminal work adding new insights on critical business issues. Their work is still best known for their cultural framework which examines how different cultures manage dilemmas.

Global dexterity front cover

Global Dexterity: How to adapt your behaviour across culture without losing yourself in the process by Andy Molinsky A core element of cultural intelligence is knowing when and how to flex our behaviours to get better outcomes. Andy Molinsky provides a practical guide to adapting while feeling comfortable - and succeeding in a global environment.

Rebel Ideas front cover

​Rebel Ideas: The Power of Diverse Thinking by Matthew Syed Not strictly an intercultural book but Matthew Syed explores the power of diversity of thought and shows the value of bringing together multiple perspectives. He shows how we can harness our collective intelligence and avoid the dangers of group think.

Watching the English front cover

Watching the English by Kate Fox If you are working with English partners or English yourself and wanting to understand what really makes us tick, you will enjoy this light-hearted examination from an anthropological perspective of what really makes the English who they are.


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